I specialize in creating detailed Miniature works of Art in Oil

Step 1
Pick a Canvas size
2.5" x 3.5" or 3" x 3" 
 works less than 42 square inches (length x width)
Framing is optional at an additional cost

Step 2 
 Send a Photo of what you would like me to paint
The ideal photo is not Blurry and has crisp detail.  The better the photo the easier and quicker I am able to finish the works.  you can send it through an email to me and we will discuss color, composition, style and cropping.

Step 3
I will send an invoice with the full proposal for the art piece and we will agree upon paypal payment or check after finalization of piece. 

Step 4
Final Delivery and Payment
After works are Finalized I will send you a photo of the finished piece for confirmation for any changes that are needed along with and a second invoice.
The invoice will list the price of the Art and added shipping.
After payment through paypal finalizes, I will send the art for delivery.

Depending on my schedule works of art can take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to be finished before shipping.
Oil Paintings must be completely dry before final varnish protective coating is applied.
After Varnish dries they can be shipped.

Feel free to ask questions using the quick form below.
Thank you!
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